Friday, April 6, 2012

Colors of Easter Eggs

If you will be celebrating Easter this Sunday and getting ready to color hard boiled eggs for your dinner table, this info might be useful.  I would like to share with you how we colored eggs for Easter with all natural dyes back in my country.  I still use this method here in the US.  This year I chose to make beautiful light pastel colors, just like Spring/Summer 2012 Louis Vuitton collection.  To get more intense color I would have to keep hard boiled eggs in the cup with liquid dye overnight in the fridge.

To extract color from the ingredient of your choice, just boil it in a sauce pan.  Then pour the liquid in a separate bowl or cup. All you have left to do is add 2-3 tbs of white vinegar and then put hard boiled egg into this colored liquid.

To achieve golden orange color I used yellow onion skins, for reddish brown color - red onion skins, for blue color - red cabbage leaves, for light green - spinach, for light pink - beets.

Important: While coloring, make sure to wear clothing that you are not afraid to stain.  Most natural dyes can easily be transferred when it is wet.  It is safe after shell has dried.  Tell me if you had a chance to use this recipe.
*2 images above from Spring/Summer 2012 Louis Vuitton images courtesy of  Pin It

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